Thursday, February 28, 2013

One ring to rule them all....

Umm... yeah. I finished an entire order of fries before my burger arrived xD
Decided to hit up the ever faithful Red Robins with my partner in crime Victoria (who ordered the  Burnin' Love Burger).  I ordered an Angus Chophouse Burger then said to myself, "Hmm... I'm hungry! I want MORE!!!" So I threw on an extra patty! Cooked well-done because I like the charcoal bbq flavor with two slices of cheddar jack cheese.  Mushrooms and shredded fried onions slices and a FAT onion ring on top. Add bottomless fries and I'll be full for the rest of the day. The burger itself cost only $10.49 and arrived in ~6-8 minutes. I had to throw up another $2 for the extra patty but it was worth it. And carbo-loading on unlimited fries is a commodity I really should only indulge in about once a month. WHATEVER! I'll work off the calories later..... right?

Want your money's worth? Invite Jasmine. She'll down fries like none other!

Burger was as big as my fist! This is coming from a 240lb, 6'2''weightlifter (by the way, that was a joke. The only weights I'm lifting are two bricks of charbroiled Angus meat). The half-toasted bun stuck together up until the very last bite. Sometimes, it feels good to eat it cleanly. I saved the onion ring for last. Always a good place for a meaty, juice, and FAT burger :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Meaty, Greasy, Cheesy and...Sweet?

The Ringmaster: ground chuck burger, house-glazed doughnuts, cheddar, and bacon
Straw SF on Octavia Boulevard is home to one of the fattiest, juiciest burgers I have ever encountered: The Ringmaster. Aptly named for its use of house-glazed doughnuts on ground chuck beef and cheddar cheese (adding bacon for a dollar-fifty and/or making it a double double for a dollar-twenty-five are viable options), this burger is heavily heavenly on all five senses and is well worth shelling out $11.75. I opted for the bacon, because what is a burger without it, and let's face it, if you're going to order a doughnut burger, you have to do it big. I was bouncing around my seat like a child in anticipation of the holy Ringmaster to arrive at my table while drinking my mimosa.

Bite by bite, the Ringmaster never stopped tasting like an amazing meaty dessert, with its sugary, soft, fluffy doughnut buns, its succulent, perfectly seasoned, and not too greasy medium well ground chuck, and its crispy, hot, salty bacon. The smooth cheddar melded it all together, creating a delightful burger experience that I will not be forgetting. Thank God I shared this burger with a friend, because half was all I needed to feel satiated and like the blood flowing through my heart was fighting past armies of fat clots (in a good way). However, I would not rule out going again and finishing the entire burger myself.

Of all the burger joints I have been to in the Bay Area, this was the first menu in which I saw a cheeseburger with doughnuts for buns. What do you guys and gals think? Is The Ringmaster a greasy, fatty heart attack waiting to happen, or an exquisite indulgence? To see the rest of the menu, check out
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